Electric-Arc Loudspeaker (ionophone, plasma speaker) is working in high-frequency (HF) range and is used as a tweeter in professional and consumer speaker systems. 

      Its sounding is unsurpassed, extremely clear and detailed, with high dynamics yet without unnatural coloring and without artificial overtones. The whole speaker system sounding is getting enriched with natural harmonious tints not achievable by other types of high-frequency loudspeakers (tweeters).    

     EAL is a type of loudspeaker distinctive feature of which is using electric arc for sound waves reproduction. The body of an electric arch has the weight and the inertia equal to molecular weight and inertia of air making it practically a dot source of fluctuations. As a result, it allows to reach the best amplitude-frequency and transitional characteristics and high fidelity of sounding. EAL characteristics are stable throughout all operation, overload failure is impossible, because of absence of any electromechanical components. EAL sounding quality cannot be reached by traditional loudspeakers due to their construction limitations which always have resonance of suspension system, flexural oscillations of a diaphragm and slow response to relocation and attenuation caused by weight, inertia and rather big body of radiation.  All of these phenomena lead to ineradicable distortions in sounding such as unpleasant coloring, reduction of width/depth and detailing of a musical scene, artificial sounds of musical instruments and voices. Traditional HF range loudspeakers (twitters) are working, generally at “flexural oscillations” mode (zonal mode) which causes parasitic oscillations and, as a result, insufficient speed of transient response and incorrect sounding.  This is expressed in unintelligibility of sounding and faded dynamics. Another urgent problem of speaker system manufacturing is non-uniformity of sounding of loudspeakers even within the same system modification. Traditional loudspeaker are in deadlock of progress because of the reasons mentioned above. It is not feasible to build true authentic sound system based on traditional loudspeakers.

    EAL development started in 2009. Well known solution, ionophone based on electron tubes, cannot be used in extreme conditions such as unstable power source and high vibration loading, also these devices have high power consumption, long startup time and limited lifetime. We wanted to find simple and reliable solution based on modern solid-state electronic components, without described above shortcomings, with ability of round-the-clock professional use in wide temperature ranges, without necessity of special service and expendables. The solution was found and patented after 5 years of research. Our design was tested in various use cases (apartments, night clubs and concert halls) and showed itself as high reliable and high quality sound source.



      Principle of operation of Electric-Arc Loudspeaker is an innovation and is patented by №0002496254   http://www.wipo.int/patentscope/en/