(Ionophone, plasmaphone)
Electric-arc loudspeaker ( EAL ) - type of sound transducer , a feature which is an electric arc produces sound vibrations . The body of the electric arc has mass and inertia , and is equal to the molecular substantially point source of oscillations that allows to obtain the best amplitude and frequency , and phase transition , and hence high fidelity sound. None of the existing types of sound emitters are not able to achieve sound EAL into force structure in which there is always a mass, inertia and larger body radiation. These factors form a suspension system resonances , and the bending vibrations of the membrane , a delayed reaction to the movement and attenuation . All these phenomena lead to distortions in the sound as dyeing, reducing the width , depth and detail of the scene and not characteristic overtone instruments orchestra and voices , get rid of that is not possible. At high frequencies , where the famous emitters work mainly in the flexural vibrations (band mode) process causing spurious oscillations in principle not possible to obtain the desired speed transient response and true sound , respectively . When constructing speaker also sharply raises the problem of similarity of sound emitters even within the same modifications that just worsens the result. For these and many other reasons related to the shortcomings of traditional speaker , it is impossible to build a high-end sound system , closer to the actual sense of the sound of a live orchestra .
While the main efforts of producers of traditional radiators are reduced to obtaining a relatively flat frequency response , low coefficient of harmonics and maximum power. However, these little characteristics that say about the sound , but it look attractive to the consumer.
Same sound speakers using the EAL is exceptional and unmatched. EAL enriches the sound incredible detail and depth of every nuance of timbre of instruments and voices , accompanied by the creation of three-dimensional sense of presence and vocal orchestra as a whole. Characteristics and sound remain stable throughout the operation. The circuitry is based on a solid-state emitter technologies and has high reliability. Has a reduced background of the radio emission and forms ozone as high temperature electrical arc for its formation.

  About myths: 1. High voltage danger. 2. The formation of ozone. 3. The rapid burning of the electrodes.

      1. High voltage is inside the grounded housing EAL not available. 2. EAL does not produce ozone, which is thermally unstable and decomposes at temperatures above 70 ° C, and high temperature electric discharge its concomitant formation impossible. "Chemical Encyclopedia". 3. EAL applied refractory electrodes with an unlimited service life.